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Unique Hand Painting in Las Vegas, NV, by Richard French

Maverick Designs provides a beautiful hand painting in Las Vegas, NV, of medallions, coins, and pet portraits. Below is more insight about our owner and how he came to create painted designs.

Richard French

My dad was an artist, but although he didn't do it for a living, he enjoyed doing portraits of his favorite celebrities in his spare time. At the age of ten, I asked him to show me how to draw. He then bought me an oil painting set, and I started painting things around the house like lamps and vases. In grade school and high school, my teachers would take my pen and ink art and hang it up in their classrooms. When I entered college, I studied engineering drawing. In later years, I was inspired by the birth of my son to do a painting to hang in his nursery. As an infant, he spent a lot of time just looking in fascination at all of the Disney characters.

After a long career of managing radio and television stations, I started painting in retirement. It's been very satisfying to see the warm reception that I have received from my art. Today, there are stores in Las Vegas that offer my art for sale. Although I've done many landscapes, seascapes, and paintings of historical events, I've found that painting a portrait of someone's pet is very satisfying for me. So today, I have painted many pet portraits that I have shipped to people in states all over the country. Samples of my work can be seen on this website. I now specialize in military paintings and pet portraits.

Richard French, Hand Painting in Las Vegas, NV

I will produce a lasting portrait of your pets. You can e-mail me a photo of your pet at, and I will gladly return your e-mail with sizes of canvas, prices, and time frames.

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